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NetDuino PortDriver on HTTP web server:

this project provides code for HTTP webserver and application called port driver.

Port driver helps to read /write GPIO pins using HTTP request ( over the network using HTTP via web server)

ex:  http://<NetDuinoIP>/GPIO?pin=1  // Read PIN 1

      http://<NetDuinoIP>/GPIO?pin=1&value=1  // Write Value 1( Turn On )  to  PIN 1

Code Walk Thru and detailed explanation

 Starting HTTP Server :

 public static void Main()HTTPListener.kickOffThreadHttp(); }


//    HTTP Server /Listener Utility Class  

public  class HTTPListener



   public static void kickOffThreadHttp()


      Thread t = newThread(HTTPListener.KickOffHttpService);




   public static void KickOffHttpService()


       var config = newEmbeddedWebapplicationConfiguration();


         Microsoft.SPOT.Net.NetworkInformation.NetworkInterface[] networkInterfaces= rosoft.SPOT.Net.NetworkInformation.NetworkInterface.GetAllNetworkInterfaces();


      foreach (var networkInterface in networkInterfaces)


          DebugHelper.Print(" My Device Ip adress: " + networkInterface.IPAddress);



      using (var server = newWebserver(config))


                server.RegisterHandler( "/", typeof(Status));

                server.RegisterHandler("Status", typeof(Status));

                server.RegisterHandler("GPIO", typeof(GpioDriver));


    // Go to Sleep , Another thread was created to peroform the job






GpioDriver code :   C:\<Path>\HttpIntfLib\GPIODriver.cs


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